EUFOR marks 15 years of formation of Operation Althea

EUFOR marks 15 years of formation of Operation Althea

SARAJEVO, December 6 (FENA) – EUFOR marked the 15-year anniversary of the formation of Operation EUFOR Althea at an event held at the Hall of the Armed Forces BiH in Sarajevo on Thursday.

Minister of Defense Marina Pendeš and Commander EUFOR Major General Reinhard Trischak welcomed the guests.

European Union Special Representative, Johann Sattler, and Associate Professor of Security and Peace studies at the University of Sarajevo, Professor Zlatan Bajramović, took to the stage to give their insights on the history of the mission, memorable moments and important milestones and the EU Integrated Approach.

“EUFOR will leave BiH as soon as possible, but will remain as long as necessary,” General Trischak said, commenting on the length of the mission.

The gala was an opportunity to look back on the successful cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina during 15 years of Operation EUFOR Althea. These events included working alongside the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and law enforcement agencies to build capacity and training, natural disaster relief efforts, community outreach, weapons and ammunition disposal, de-mining activity and the evolution of Exercise Quick Response, the capability to quickly reinforce in-country troops with reserve forces from partner nations, EUFOR announced.

“I have met no more dedicated and professional soldiers and Officers than those within the AFBiH,” General Trischak said.

Now that EUFOR’s individual training programme has ceased and AFBiH are self-sustaining, he added that they have progressed from a security consumer to a credible and respected security provider.

Many distinguished guests attended the event, including Chief of the Joint Staff AFBiH Lieutenant General Senad Mašović, High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina Valentin Inzko, ambassadors and other dignitaries.