Exhibition of Ars Aevi collection opens in Sarajevo City Hall

Exhibition of Ars Aevi collection opens in Sarajevo City Hall

SARAJEVO, August 12 (FENA) – An exhibition of the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art “Ars Aevi”, in which between 60 and 70 percent of the Museum’s holdings were presented, opened today in the Sarajevo City Hall.

Two floors of the famous building of Austro-Hungarian architecture will be open to all contemporary art lovers as of today, and the entire fourth floor is dedicated to the largest exhibition “Vienna” as a link between two cities and two countries.

Sarajevo Deputy Mayor Ivica Šarić opened the exhibition. He made a connection between today’s event and creation of the Ars Aevi project, saying that the project was created in response to the aggression in 1992, and the exhibition opened today during the coronavirus pandemic.

He expressed satisfaction with the opening of the exhibition, but at the same time underlined that he would be glad if it was finally housed in the Museum of Contemporary Art, which, he believes, should have been built a long time ago, but due to lack of understanding that did not happen.

“I hope that this cooperation will continue in the new convocation of the City Administration of the City of Sarajevo after the current Administration established the Public Institution Museum of Contemporary Art, which was the first step that guaranteed that the works would be preserved,” said Šarić.

Director of the Public Institution Museum of Contemporary Art “Ars Aevi”, Senka Ibrišimbegović, expressed hope that enthusiasts and admirers of the collection will continue to persevere in order to finally build the Museum in which it will be permanently housed.

She explained that representative works of each of the several nuclei of the Museum are now exhibited in the City Hall and expressed hope that an agreement will soon be reached with the leaders of Sarajevo Canton to continue the main project donated to Sarajevo by one of the world’s best architects Renzo Piano and then the construction of the Museum.

The founder and development coordinator of the “Ars Aevi” project, Enver Hadžiomerspahić, said that this was one of the most beautiful days in his life. He thanked everyone who made it possible for the exhibits from the collection to be exhibited in the Sarajevo City Hall.

The City Hall exhibits 150 works of art from the Ars Aevi collection of the most famous artists in the world, and it was created by museums from Europe inviting artists from around the world who chose works to donate to the collection in Sarajevo.