Fajon: Only European perspective can peacefully solve problems in the region

Fajon: Only European perspective can peacefully solve problems in the region

SARAJEVO, April 25 (FENA) – Slovenian Member of the European Parliament Tanja Fajon said that only a clear European perspective can peacefully solve the problems of partial interests in the region and strengthen cooperation and coexistence.

Fajon, who today hosted the online session of the Association of Independent Intellectuals “Circle 99” on the topic “Relations of EU institutions towards BiH and other Western Balkan countries in the modern context”, pointed out that people deserve faster and more concrete process of EU accession and that it is essential to start negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia that met the conditions for it.

She reminded that the post-conflict reconstruction of BiH was marked by the influence of the international community, and the process of establishing functional institutions, unfortunately, was often the subject of experiments and improvisations.

“The EU understands the Western Balkans as an extremely important and promising region, but it is clear that there is still a lot of work to be done in that region in the fight against corruption, crime and human rights violations,” said Fajon.

She said that it is important to work on all reforms that lead to more functional institutions and respect for the rule of law, with an emphasis on the implementation of decisions of the European Court of Human Rights in order to address the current political discrimination.

Fajon believes that there is an understandable increase in mistrust in the countries of the region, and everyone shares the responsibility in building that trust together.

Commenting on “non paper”, she emphasized that any idea of changing the borders, especially in BiH, which suffered the most damage after the disintegration of Yugoslavia, is an extremely dangerous move.

“Such dialogues take us back to the past and at the moment we need to think about solutions that will make BiH a functional country, and with the accession to the EU, the borders should become symbolic,” said Fajon.