FBiH Government has allocated 43 million KM to bind work experience for 5,000 workers

FBiH Government has allocated 43 million KM to bind work experience for 5,000 workers

SARAJEVO, November 26 (FENA) – FBiH Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry Nermin Džindić stated today in Sarajevo that the Government of FBiH has allocated about 43 million KM from October 2015 to bind work experience for 5,000 workers.

At the press conference after the session of the FBiH Government, Džindić summarized a dozen points that referred to the department of this ministry.

The program of expenditures for financing development projects was adopted and it is a budget item that was planned for this year’s budget in the amount of three million KM, and the revised budget was reduced to 2.7 million KM, and as such it was adopted today and a public announcement will follow it. This is an incentive for development projects in the field of military industry, and these are public companies.

“With the proposal of the decision for binding work experience, budget funds were also planned, namely ten million KM, and with the revision of the budget, they were reduced to one million KM, considering the situation with coronavirus pandemic. A public announcement was published and the evaluation of the received applications of the applicants was performed. Work experience was bound for 106 workers under that program and one million KM was spent,” stated Džindić.

Speaking about the proposal of the decision on the distribution of funds for binding the work experience for the company Krivaja-Mobel, Džindić stated that the workers who were not included in the previous decision, seven of them, on the basis of this second program, were included now and 36,000 KM were allocated for them so they can retire.

Also on the agenda was a proposal for a decision on approving the distribution of funds, also won through the Privatization Agency for the company Zrak.

Information on the Conclusion of the House of Representatives of the FBiH Parliament and the Declaration on the Protection of Rivers, regarding the ban on the construction of small hydropower plants, was adopted. Within the competence of the Federation of BiH and this line ministry, two concession agreements were signed during the mandate of this government – the concession agreement for the Vranduk hydroelectric power plant 19.6 megawatts and the concession agreement for the Janjići hydroelectric power plant 13.3 megawatts.

The conclusion defined at the Government session also agreed that the Ministries of Environment, Agriculture, Physical Planning and FMERI will prepare and process the correction of laws concerning the ban or restricted construction of small hydropower plants and prepare it for one of the next sessions.

He noted that a moratorium on signing new contracts has been introduced which lasts until the New Year. The National Energy Plan is in force until the New Year, and with this conclusion, the line ministries are in charge of omitting the incentive for small hydropower plants in this new plan.

Džindić said that the proposal of the decision on the distribution of 30 million KM was completed, evaluated and signed today, and it is about supporting companies that are export-oriented. These funds are intended and will be allocated for five sectors – metal, electrical and automotive industries, the chemical industry, production of rubber, footwear and textiles and clothing, construction materials industry, pharmaceutical.

“We were the first to make a public announcement, we met all the actors, over 500 companies applied, 480 of them entered the financial distribution,” said Džindić.