FBiH House of Representatives adopts law on the status of parents-caregivers

FBiH House of Representatives adopts law on the status of parents-caregivers

SARAJEVO, July 27 (FENA) – The House of Representatives of the Parliament of the Federation of BiH adopted today at its session the proposed law on the status of parents-caregivers in the Federation of BiH.

The aim of the law is to recognize one of the parents of persons with disabilities the right to the status of parent-caregiver, and to provide him/her with a monthly allowance with the corresponding contributions for disability pensions, health insurance and unemployment insurance.

“Children with disabilities are one of the most vulnerable categories of the population, and their families are largely exposed to numerous needs and subject to various risks depending on the organization of the social protection system, as well as the work of associations working on this issue. Also, in most cases, their parents are not able to exercise their basic right to work due to all-day care and upbringing of these children. In that sense, it was necessary to systematically regulate this issue, as well as the status of the parents-caregivers,” said FBiH Minister of Labor and Social Policy Vesko Drljača.

The status of a parent-caregiver is recognized to the parent of a person with a disability if he/she is unemployed and registered with the competent employment service until he or she reaches the age of 65, regardless of the child’s age.

The parent-caregiver is entitled to a monthly allowance in the amount of the net minimum wage in the FBiH, the right to Pension and Disability Insurance (PIO), health insurance and unemployment insurance.

During the discussion, the deputies made a number of suggestions, and among them an MP of the Croat Democratic Union of BiH Matea Cakalin pointed out that people with disabilities are the most vulnerable category that requires daily care of their parents depending on the degree of disability.

The Government’s amendments refer, as Drljača explained, to a more precise definition of parents-caregivers.