FENA opens a multimedia center and correspondence office in Tuzla

FENA opens a multimedia center and correspondence office in Tuzla

TUZLA, February 28 (FENA) – The Federal News Agency (FENA) has opened a correspondence office and multimedia center in Tuzla, which is an important step in the realization of the Agency’s development plans and a kind of gift to Tuzla as a cantonal and regional center on the occasion of the Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

FENA’s General Manager Elmir Huremović points out that the development of a correspondent network in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region is an important strategic goal of the country’s leading news agency.

“We have implemented modern technologies for the production and distribution of multimedia content and in this aspect, we are side by side with agencies in much more developed countries. After the modernization of the editorial office in the headquarters in Sarajevo and the organizational part in Mostar, we opened the correspondence office in Tuzla, the first registered business unit of the Agency outside Sarajevo and Mostar,” he added.

As he explained, that office will, in addition to providing adequate conditions for the work of correspondents and reporters from Tuzla and the Tuzla Canton, enable recording, processing and broadcasting of videos as the most important multimedia content of the service.

“This will greatly improve FENA’s offer and increase the news coverage from that part of Bosnia and Herzegovina in all media, subscribers of our services,” Huremović points out.

In addition to this office, FENA has already registered a correspondence office in Brčko, which will soon be equipped and officially opened, and plans to open business units in Bihać and Banja Luka, as well as other larger centers in BiH.

“FENA, as the leading and most credible source of news in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the leading news agency, will continue with development projects in the future, all to provide better service to the media, our subscribers, which is one of the prerequisites for a democratic society,” announced FENA’s General Manager.

He underlined that FENA’s social responsibility is reflected, among other things, in the fact that every part of Bosnia and Herzegovina is treated in the same way and provides an opportunity not only to local government institutions but also to individuals and legal entities in the field of economy, culture, science, education, sports and non-governmental sector, to convey positive news to the public in BiH but also in the world.

Symbolically, for the opening of FENA’s first business unit, March 1 was chosen – the Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina as one of the most important national holidays.