Field: Citizens of Bihać face great challenges, but they are not alone

Field: Citizens of Bihać face great challenges, but they are not alone

BIHAĆ , March 20 (FENA) – British Ambassador to BiH Matthew Field during his visit to Bihać today visited city locations where sanitation projects, financed by the Government of the United Kingdom, are being implemented.

He visited temporary reception camps, and met with representatives of the city and cantonal authorities.

“This is my first time in Bihać, but certainly not the last one. Citizens of Bihać face great challenges of the migration process, and in this way I am sending them a message that they are not left on their own. The UK Government has invested more than 500,000 GBP in the implementation of several extremely valuable projects. We tried to listen to the needs of citizens and in some way thank them for their humanity,” said Field.

The British Ambassador visited the adapted reception center “Borići”, the renovated Partisan cemetery, the city trim track, and the Jedinstvo Football Club stadium, where about 200,000 KM have been invested in the renovation of dressing rooms, roofs and fences.

“We are grateful for the help in renovating our stadium. We are particularly happy about the ambassador’s statement that we are not alone in this, because everyone in Bihać is currently in need of friendly help and cooperation,” said the director of the Jedinstvo Football Club Ibrahim Dizdarević.