FTC BiH is launching project to promote BiH IT sector in Turkey

FTC BiH is launching project to promote BiH IT sector in Turkey

SARAJEVO, October 16 (FENA) – The Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH (FTC BiH), through a representative office in Istanbul and in agreement with the Chamber of Commerce of the city of Istanbul, is launching the project “Promotion of the IT sector of BiH in Turkey”.

In addition to promoting the IT sector in Turkey, the project also includes an analysis of the country’s market.

The Board of the IKT Association at FTC BiH recently at its session supported the project activity and proposed a survey of domestic IT companies in order to get a better overview of the offer of services, products, as well as areas in which BiH companies operate.

Based on the collected data of interested companies, Foreign Trade Chamber will create a catalog in electronic form that would be used when visiting NGOs, companies and business zones in the Republic of Turkey.

According to the FTC, online “B2B” and working meetings of interested companies would be organized at the same time. Interested companies should submit a completed survey questionnaire, which can be found on the FTC website, as well as the company logo, and photos of their products that they want to present.