Germany donates equipment for oxygen therapy to health institutions in BiH

Germany donates equipment for oxygen therapy to health institutions in BiH

SARAJEVO, January 15 (FENA) – German Ambassador to BiH Margret Uebber presented today a donation of 50 50 ventilators and 10.000 pulse-oxymeters in Sarajevo today, to health care facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ambassador Uebber stated that the past year has shown that the coronavirus is a concern for all of us and that is why we need to unite and fight the pandemic.

“No one will be safe until we are all safe and we need to be in solidarity to overcome this crisis,” Uebber added.

Minister of Civil Affairs of BiH, Ankica Gudeljević, said that this donation is very important for the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 patients in BiH.

She thanked the Government of Germany and the World Health Organization for their message that with joint efforts, we can overcome all the challenges that stand in the way of a normal and healthy life.

Head of the Office of the World Health Organization in BiH, Boris Rebac, explained that this equipment is used for oxygen therapy which is most important for patients hospitalized for COVID-19.

He added that it is extremely important that this equipment will be in use in hospitals throughout BiH as early as next week.

The FBiH Assistant Minister of Health Goran Čerkez stated that BiH expresses great gratitude for this donation because it is of great importance for every patient who found himself in a situation to be treated for Covid infection.

The value of the donation is around 530,000 euros.