‘Global Exchange on Religion in Society’ project participants arrive in Sarajevo

‘Global Exchange on Religion in Society’ project participants arrive in Sarajevo

SARAJEVO, October 11 (FENA) – Participants of the project “Global Exchange on Religion in Society”, funded by the European Union, visited Bosnia and Herzegovina today.

“Within the project, participants create a global exchange on how religion contributes to society and how religious and non-religious civil society organizations work together to solve some of the social problems. The basic idea of the project is to create a network of 150 individuals and organizations that will permanently cooperate,” said the project leader Melika Djolai.

Head of the Department for European Integration and Political Affairs in the EU Delegation to BiH, Krassimir Nikolov, pointed out that opening of the global exchange on religion in society was the occasion for today’s gathering of project participants.

“This is a project that positions Bosnia and Herzegovina on the global stage and gives an opportunity to show all the achievements when it comes to interreligious dialogue. Such activities enable dialogue with representatives of 25 countries around the world, as well as civil society organizations in BiH,” said Nikolov.

Twenty project participants arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is one of the six countries implementing the project. In addition to BiH, study exchanges are implemented in Belgium, Indonesia, Morocco, South Africa and the United States.

There are a total of 150 participants from 55 countries.

“It is my pleasure to be in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country that abounds in peace and coexistence. I believe that as project participants we have a lot to learn in BiH. I strongly believe that religion can indeed offer different solutions. One of the ways for such solutions is the global dialogue that is currently taking place,” said Head of the Department of Religion at the University of Cork in Ireland Amanullah De Sondy.