Grubeša: BiH citizens need visas to travel to Saudi Arabia

Grubeša: BiH citizens need visas to travel to Saudi Arabia

SARAJEVO, June 11 (FENA) – Minister of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina Josip Grubeša (HDZ BiH) said today that his interest is Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens, and at the session of the Council of Ministers, he voted against the decision on the liberalization of visas for Saudi Arabia citizens explaining it with the principle of reciprocity, since BiH citizens need visas to enter Saudi Arabia.

“Any kind of talk about Islamophobia or anything else is out of the question because we know that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is very much helping BiH. They are building a part of the hospital in Mostar,” underlined Grubeša, who sees no reason why the citizens of Saudi Arabia would not come to BiH with visas as before.

Today, the state ministers refused to accept the Decision on visas, which would allow the entry of tourists from Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Ireland without visas, and this is a decision that would have been valid until October 15.

The BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs previously clarified that tourists from those countries would be allowed to stay in BiH for a month without a visa, provided that they must have proof of accommodation.

Today, the ministers also discussed the Proposal of the Action Plan for the execution of four judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in the cases Zornić, Sejdić and Finci, Pilav and Pudarić against Bosnia and Herzegovina at the proposal of the Ministry of Justice.

“This is an obligation of BiH, but that plan coincides with the decision of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH on the establishment of the Interdepartmental Working Group for changing the election legislation, and thus the obligation is fulfilled when it comes to the Action Plan,” Grubeša added.

He expressed confidence that the group would reach an agreement on changes to the Election Law, for which BiH does not need the encouragement of anyone from outside, but it is necessary to identify these problems within BiH and solve them.