Grubeša: We did not talk about IMF and local elections

Grubeša: We did not talk about IMF and local elections

SARAJEVO, May 21 (FENA) – Today’s session of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina with more than a hundred items on the agenda ended but unfortunately almost 80 percent of them were not adopted, BiH Justice Minister Josip Grubeša (HDZ BiH) told reporters in Sarajevo today.

He also said that the decision of the Council of Ministers of BiH regarding the entry of foreign citizens into Bosnia and Herzegovina was clarified and the entry of persons with dual citizenship in BiH was explained, and Grubeša expressed hope that the Border Police would receive this information as soon as possible and act accordingly.

“There were objections from people who tried to enter BiH with dual citizenship and had to pay misdemeanor warrants because they had an ID card from BiH and a travel document from another country. That is why I asked that the decision on foreigners be clearly defined and that there be no confusion and that it does not apply to persons who have dual citizenship,” he added.

BiH Council of Ministers adpted the decision regarding the opening of BiH’s borders, with the addition that business people can enter BiH with a negative test for Covid-19. However, the opening of the airport was not discussed today, but Grubeša says that, as the pandemic of the new coronavirus weakens, it will probably be discussed soon.

He also confirmed that there was no talk at today’s session on the allocation of funds from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or on the financing of general elections in BiH, which should be held this year.

Most of the time was spent on appointments under the BiH Council of Ministers, and Grubeša called the appointment of BiH representatives before the European Court of Human Rights disputable because he believes that persons characterized by the Court of BiH do not fulfill the decision to be appointed.