Halilović: Growing number of companies are turning to digital marketing

Halilović: Growing number of companies are turning to digital marketing

SARAJEVO, September 13 (FENA) – The number of companies that are starting to use digital marketing services in BiH is constantly increasing, said the co-founder of the Digital Marketing Agency ‘Lilium’ from Sarajevo, Edin Halilović, in an interview with FENA.

“Digital marketing is generally present as a way of online promotion and companies are allocating more and more money from their marketing budgets for online communication, even those companies that have traditionally had strong retail networks and were not overly interested in digital marketing,” said Halilović.

He added that the potential for e-commerce provided by large networks has not been fully utilized yet, compared to developed markets, but that BiH businesses are rapidly getting into online promotion aimed at online shopping.

He pointed out that at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, digital marketing agencies felt a drop in revenues that lasted a very short time, but the recovery happened quickly and they achieved better results than planned.

“I believe that this was the case in the entire digital marketing sector, where the pandemic had a positive effect. If anything could be positive in such a situation,” noted Halilović.

He believes that companies now probably understand that their long-term goals need to focus more in that direction, as all those businesses that have developed e-commerce have covered the losses they suffered due to the introduction of measures to combat the spread of the infection.

“The main advantage of online advertising is that we know exactly, for example, if we invested 1,000 euros, we earned 2,000 or 3,000 euros with the help of digital marketing,” Halilović explained.