HNS: Attack on the constituent status of the Croats is an attack on our homeland

HNS: Attack on the constituent status of the Croats is an attack on our homeland

MOSTAR, December 30 (FENA) – The Croat People’s Assembly (HNS) BiH has issued a press release saying it rejects allegations by the President of the Party of Democratic Action President Bakir Izetbegović and denounces “threats of continuing the policy of outvoting that disrupts the stability of political dialogue”, saying it is political dialogue which is a precondition for building a prosperous, stable and modern homeland of the three constituent peoples.

“Legitimate political representatives of the Croat people gathered around the Croat People’s Assembly are calling for the rejection of direct violation of the constitutionally defined rights of constituent peoples, noting that the HNS does not claim greater rights in its demands for Croats than those guaranteed to the Bosniak and Serb peoples,” it said in the response.

The HNS points out that the attack on the constituency of the Croat people is an attack on the homeland of Bosnia and Herzegovina, its foundations and its future.

“Attempts to break down the basic democratic principles of legitimate representation at all levels of government are a worrying political instrument of weakening the position of the Croat people, discrediting equality rights, and alarming violation of the BiH Constitution.

The European path is the only future for Bosnia and Herzegovina, which must be based on cooperation, mutual respect and compromise that will guarantee long-term stability, development and progress, which are the most important priorities for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said the HNS BiH.