International experts in Sarajevo discuss solutions to combat corruption

International experts in Sarajevo discuss solutions to combat corruption

SARAJEVO, November 29 (FENA) – A conference titled “Time to Act: The Reality of Anti-Corruption Policies” is taking place today in Sarajevo where international experts are discussing the challenges of combating corruption from the perspective of academics and professionals.

“Corruption undermines the population’s trust and confidence in institutions and weakens the economy and democracy. This is why Sweden is engaged in projects that combat corruption with focus on transparency and accountability in order to restore the citizens’ trust in institutions and to contribute to economic development and strengthening the rule of law. This is why we support and co-organize this conference and we look forward to hearing the results of the discussion to see how we can better combat corruption everywhere in the society,” said Swedish Ambassador to BiH Johanna Stromquist ahead of the conference.

Citizens expect to hear what needs to be done in practice to prevent and punish corruption.

“That is why our goal is to try to answer the question why, despite all the efforts made in fighting against corruption, progress is constantly lacking. BiH faces an extremely high level of corruption, which is an existential threat to the country. We see this as a problem that manifests itself through the departure of a large number of people from BiH, because precisely because of this problem of corruption, they cannot find a job and get adequate health care,” said Chairman of the Board of Directors in Transparency International BiH Srdjan Blagovčanin.

In recent years, the problem of corruption has been complicated and very little success has been seen in this field.

The participants of the conference should determine what was wrong in the fight against corruption so far and what needs to be done to combat corruption in order to make progress in this area.

The conference “Time to Act: The Reality of Anti-Corruption Policies” was organized by Transparency International in Bosnia and Herzegovina (TI BiH) with the support of the Swedish Embassy in BiH.