Inzko before the UN Security Council: Entities have no right to secede

Inzko before the UN Security Council: Entities have no right to secede

SARAJEVO, May 4 (FENA) – High Representative in BiH Valentin Inzko addressed the United Nations Security Council today, saying that both the international community and progressive actors in BiH are making a fundamental mistake if they assume that things will somehow work out because time is working in our favour.

“This is a fundamental mistake as long as the forces of disintegration are stronger than those of reintegration. For time to be on our side, we must get back to a dynamic of reform and reintegration,” stated Inzko.

He added that the Republika Srpska authorities – led by Milorad Dodik – adopted a set of concrete conclusions in this regard in March.

“As I reported, these conclusions envisage discussions among domestic political actors on the future of BiH, leaving open the option for the so-called “peaceful dissolution” of the country,” Inzko emphasized.

Futhermore he stated that in April, leaders of the Republika Srpska ruling coalition parties met and Mr. Dodik announced that the RS would form teams for negotiating.

“It was clear that, if the direction and outcome of such discussions are not to the Republika Srpska authorities’ liking, the Republika Srpska, quote: “reserves the right to finally decide on its future status,” unquote. As to be expected, these developments have stirred up the Federation-based parties, particularly the Bosniak parties, most of which dismissed the possibility of “peaceful dissolution” and some of which predicted a war in case the Republika Srpska attempts to secede from BiH. As High Representative, I want to be clear: Dayton does not give the right to entities to secede,” stated Valentin Inzko in his address.

So, once again, the political atmosphere is poisoned and progress on reforms is sidelined.

“And it is extremely unfortunate that the Republika Srpska authorities have chosen this moment when the entire country is still in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also the moment, when the Republika Srpska authorities had to borrow 300 million Euros via a bond sale on the London Stock Exchange to cover its budget deficit, because they would not accept the easy money and reforms proposed by the IMF,” stated, among other things, Inzko, the OHR announced.