IOM hosts the presentation of ‘No Nation Fashion’ brand, where fashion is made by migrants

IOM hosts the presentation of ‘No Nation Fashion’ brand, where fashion is made by migrants

SARAJEVO, March 6 (FENA) – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) hosted on Saturday “No Nation Fashion” (NNF) show in Sarajevo to mark International Women’s Day.

Visitors will have the opportunity to check out and refresh their wardrobe by purchasing or ordering unique clothing items and fashion accessories from the first collection of this brand which was made by migrants.

According to designer Aleksandra Lovrić, clothing items and fashion accessories were made by migrants in fashion studios and temporary reception centers in BiH.

“After eight months of work and a fashion show that we had in December last year to mark the Migrants Day, today we organized the first Pop-up shop, where we presented our collection. This is just one segment on our path,” said Lovrić.

Today’s event was exclusively humanitarian in nature. Namely, 50 percent of the donations from the collected funds will be donated to the association “Renaissance”, which gathers women who have suffered from breast cancer, while the other 50 percent of the funds will be donated to migrant camps to work in fashion studios.

She adds that engaging in these activities for many migrants is a purposeful therapeutic work, through which they express emotions. Once they go through the project, migrants receive a certificate that can later help them in the country where they settle for good.

The president of the “Renaissance” association, Enida Glušac, emphasizes that the donation means a lot to this association and its members because it does not have the support of the authorities.

“These creations made by migrants presented at today’s exhibition can match the world’s fashion products and I am sure that the event will be well attended,” concluded Glušac.

No Nation Fashion is based on cultural exchange, creative cooperation and mutual learning as a way to promote the social integration of migrants and understanding between migrants and the local community.