IOM – Support for provision of temporary accommodation for migrants in Tuzla

IOM – Support for provision of temporary accommodation for migrants in Tuzla

TUZLA, October 8 (FENA) – Head of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Bosnia and Herzegovina Peter van der Auweraert met today with the Tuzla Canton Prime Minister Denijal Tulumović and discussed the need for better treatment and care for migrants passing through the Tuzla Canton (TC) given the arrival of colder days.

Tulumović emphasized an understanding of seriousness of the migrant situation, adding that migrants find Tuzla and TC only as a transit area in order to reach the European Union or the area bordering the European Union.

Van der Auweraert emphasized that IOM is a partner to Bosnia and Herzegovina in its efforts to find the best possible response to this situation.

In this regard, the Prime Minister of TC was informed about the readiness of IOM to help adjust certain accommodation capacities that could be used for temporary accommodation of migrants if the TC and the City of Tuzla decide to establish one such facility.

Van der Auweraert also shared information on the possibility of international funds willing to help implementation of certain services provided to migrants here with the TC Prime Minister and Minister for Labor, Social Affairs and Return of TC Admiral Hrustanović.

“Similar projects of assistance to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, health institutions and other institutions have already been implemented in other areas of BiH. The University Clinical Center and other health institutions in the Tuzla Canton already provide certain health services to migrants, and it would be fair for them to receive some form of compensation. Also, the security services are additionally engaged in the security situation with migrants, and some compensation could be provided to these services too,” said Van der Auweraert.

It was pointed out that any more concrete steps would require consent and coordinated activity of local, cantonal, entity, as well as state institutions, the Tuzla Canton stated.