Izetbegović: I am not satisfied with the work of the Council of Ministers

Izetbegović: I am not satisfied with the work of the Council of Ministers

SARAJEVO, January 12 (FENA) – Deputy Speaker of the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina and leader of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) Bakir Izetbegović said after today’s session of the House of Peoples that he was dissatisfied with the work of the Council of Ministers.

“It is time for the Council of Ministers to get serious and start working more concretely, proposing strategies related to BiH’s progress on its European path. Demolishing a house and not having a plan on how to make a new one is an irresponsible thing to do,” said Izetbegović.

It is necessary to ask whether it is possible to dismiss the Council of Ministers and what would be gained with it, he added.

He points out that if the Council of Ministers continues to work as it did in 2020, they will have to seriously consider what steps should be taken, but believes that some things have changed and that criticism of the SDA has helped.

When asked about the possibility of dissolving the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, he said that it would be very difficult to do that if the representatives of the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ) do not participate in that initiative.

“We shouldn’t go into such endeavors if we don’t see a way out. That is why the SDA supported the current convocation of the Council of Ministers yesterday,” he explained.

He commented on the formation of the government after the local elections in Mostar, expressing the belief that the mayor of Mostar should be the man to whom the citizens gave the most votes and that the voters’ decision should be listened to.

“Zlatko Guzin received the largest number of votes when it comes to the pro-Bosnian bloc. Everything else is not an option because we can get into political turmoil that could last for the next half a year or more, and we don’t need that. We need to be realistic and mature, and accept the voters’ choice in Mostar,” said Izetbegović and added that the coalition between the BH Bloc and the Coalition for Mostar would be a natural one.

He reminded that the SDA gave its support to discuss the migrant crisis in BiH at today’s session, but that there was no support from the representatives of the SNSD and the HDZ.

“There was an interesting turn of events when it comes to the European Union, caused by strong resistance from the SDA. A few months ago, we said that in order to resolve the migrant crisis, they were only counting on parts of the Federation of BiH with a majority Bosniak population and on Bosniak personnel to deal with this problem. The European Union still tried to continue in that direction, but now they are convinced that this is not the right path,” Izetbegović underlined.

Now, he says, statements were issued by some serious European politicians who are sending messages to the HDZ and the SNSD leaders Dragan Čović and Milorad Dodik that it is time to evenly distribute the pressure of the migrant crisis throughout the country.

Izetbegović also spoke today about the affair with Dodik and the Orthodox relic and underlined that this situation is an opportunity for the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH to dispel the allegations that the institution works exclusively on prosecuting Bosniak officials, while leaders from the entity of Republika Srpska are being granted amnesty, which was proven when the unconstitutional referendum that took place in the RS when they had to plead with Dodik to come and give a statement to the Prosecutor’s Office.

“I am afraid that I would not be proven to be wrong about this. It is certain that someone smuggled that Orthodox icon that is worth a lot money, it was certainly illegally acquired and it was an unprecedented embarrassment to give a representative of a superpower a gift that was, in fact, stolen, without clear origin, obtained in a criminal manner,” Izetbegović believes.

He said that he expected the Prosecutor’s Office to deal with the case, but knowing the attitude of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH towards the Serb officials, he expressed doubt that the Prosecutor’s Office would find a way to evade its duties.

At yesterday’s session, the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina supported the Bill on Conflict of Interest, which also has to be passed by the House of Peoples, and the SDA leader announced that the party would support everything BiH needs to do on its European path.

He expressed hope that two other important Bills on the HJPC and public procurement would be adopted soon, which are some of the conditions for obtaining a candidate status for membership in the European Union, and are highlighted among the 14 priorities from the last European Commission’s Opinion on BiH.