Izetbegović: Prosecutor’s Office should speed up its investigation against Višković

Izetbegović: Prosecutor’s Office should speed up its investigation against Višković

SARAJEVO, September 18 (FENA) – At a regular session held today, the Presidency of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) urged the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH to initiate and speed up an investigation based on allegations before the Court of BiH that the Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković participated in the relocation of mass graves during the genocide in Srebrenica, thus taking part in concealing the crimes and the committed genocide.

The SDA President Bakir Izetbegović said at a press conference that some of the conclusions from yesterday’s session of the Presidency of BiH were underlined at the session today because the party believes that they have not received enough media attention.

“These are good conclusions, which refer to the fight against the pandemic and the migrant crisis. We welcomed the conclusions calling for a more active relationship and concrete measures of the Council of Ministers and the Coordination Body for the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, bearing in mind the new increase in the number of patients in the country and the region,” said Izetbegović.

The SDA presidency also welcomed a set of measures calling for a more active approach of the Council of Ministers in the fight against the migrant crisis and the efforts being made by Security Minister Selmo Cikotić.

The party leadership asked the cantons in FBiH, which have so far failed to meet their obligations under the Anti-Trafficking Strategy, to do so immediately.

The so-called “mini Schengen” was also a topic of the session.

“Yesterday, the SDA presidency took the initiative to examine the effects of the positive and possible negative sides of what the agreement offers within a month’s time. I think that agreement has become too politicized. It is an agreement that should enable unimpeded movement of goods, people and capital. It is not a new political association,” said Izetbegović.

He stated that they repeated their views regarding the decision of the Croatian state leadership to invite Milorad Dodik to a meeting in Zagreb.

“That surprised us. We did not see the purpose of holding such a meeting. We do not know why they did it, we think that it is not good for Croatia or BiH, or for the relations between Bosniaks and Croats,” said the president of the SDA.

He also referred to the negotiations between the SDA and the HDZ and the meeting with Dragan Čović he had two days ago.

“We need to be clear, it is pointless to talk about amendments to the Election Law, if we have not implemented the election results from two years ago. It will now be a year since the FBiH Constitutional Court was left without a complete composition, by the decision of Mr. Marinko Čavara, the President of the FBiH.

Until these two things are done, there will be no negotiations, we cannot be blackmailed into continuing the negotiations. We will look for mechanisms, which will definitely prevent such things from happening again. The Croat side has its demands regarding the so-called legitimate representatives, and we have our demands in which we will introduce mechanisms that will forever prevent such behavior of any political party in BiH,” said Izetbegović.

The SDA presidency requested that the Council of Ministers finally send the law on public procurement, the law on conflict of interest, amendments to the Law on the High Judicial Prosecutorial Council, as well as the action plan for implementing the strategy and public administration reform into parliamentary procedure.

“This is one of the eight priorities whose implementation would create a credible precondition for BiH to obtain candidate status for EU membership. We have fulfilled three of the eight conditions so far,” said Izetbegović.