Izetbegović: We only expect Serbia to leave BiH and its defenders be in peace

Izetbegović: We only expect Serbia to leave BiH and its defenders be in peace

GORAŽDE, September 17 (FENA) – President of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) Bakir Izetbegović, during his today’s visit to Goražde, when asked to comment on the recent arrest of Edin Vranj in Serbia, said that we can expect such things from Serbia, “because they have repeated themselves, not often but they do things like this to us at regular intervals.”

“Now, they have done it with Osmanović and Mujanović, before them it was Ilija Jurišić. These people were tried, people were convicted in Serbia. We know what the intent of Serbia is, to equal the sides in the past war, to give some balance to what had happened, to give shelter to convicted war criminals like General Đukić, who is guilty and convicted for the murder of the youth in Tuzla massacre,” said Izetbegović.

But, he added that the mistakes have been made by the BiH Prosecution.

“We have a Protocol signed by our Prosecutor’s Office with the Serbian one, which was supposed to prevent such things. Because our Prosecutor’s Office dealt with the case of Mr. Vranj, found that there was nothing suspicious there and closed the case and should have informed Serbia about it and in this case they are supposed to help, with the Ministry of Justice, to get the man out as soon as possible,” said Izetbegović.

He pointed out that 148 children were killed in Goražde during the war, a few thousand people were seriously wounded and killed in Goražde, without anyone being convicted for that war crime.

“On the other hand, 21 defenders of Goražde were sentenced to 89 years. And that’s our Prosecutor’s Office. It is actually in synergy with the Serbian prosecutor’s office,” said the SDA president.

Serbia participated in serious crimes in BiH, in severe destruction, Izetbeggović added.

“No one can bring back people or pay for human lives. After all, we only expect Serbia to leave BiH and its defenders alone. We do not expect vaccines from Vučić, nor that he gives us wheat, as he says, nor that he gives us nice words, nor those funds that are owed to us in the name of war damage. But not to do these things, not to hide war criminals, not to give them refuge and not to allow the defenders of BiH to be treated in this way, to be entering Serbia on several occasions, and then suddenly to be arrested. Therefore, just stop doing such things towards BiH,” Izetbegović pointed out.

Asked if this was a political war over the backs of the defenders, he answered that “we are witnessing a flourishing of nationalism”.

“We saw what was happening in Montenegro these last few days, we saw yesterday what laws were passed in Banja Luka, which are discriminatory in relation to one script guaranteed by the Constitution in BiH for those who use that script. We saw the dismissal of Ćamil Duraković yesterday in Srebrenica. So, we have a new offensive that was actually provoked by a counter-offensive, because the plaque with the name of Radovan Karadžić was removed; because the church in Konjević Polje was finally removed after 25 years, because a civilizational law was finally passed not to honor war criminals, not to deny court verdicts, including those by the Hague tribunal and domestic courts,” stated Izetbegović.

“I think all of this will run out of breath because there is no foundation. It is more a matter of some spite than some real state of mind in BiH,” Izetbegović concluded.