“King Fahd” Cultural Center hosts conference on cyber security in Sarajevo

“King Fahd” Cultural Center hosts conference on cyber security in Sarajevo

SARAJEVO, March 12 (FENA) – The Cultural Center “King Fahd” of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in BiH brought together experts from BiH and students at the 3rd International Conference on Cyber ​​Security.

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to BiH Hani Mominah in a statement to the media highlighted the contribution and partnership of the BiH institutions in this project, hoping for conclusions that would contribute to substantial progress in the field of cyber security in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Adis Dučić from the company ‘Sentry’ believes that the overall trend is that cyber threats have been on the rise in recent years, given that new technologies are more and more available, which present new risks for the users themselves.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, says Dučić, in that sense, generally does not differ much from the countries of the region.

There are a number of procedures and norms that need to be implemented to ensure that the overall cyber security system functions properly.

“The situation at the moment is that the legislation, capacities and capabilities may not be at the level that we expect or want them to be. But this is a long-term process that all countries in the region face, including BiH. It is not only up to the state, but also the public needs to get involved, including private and education sector. We need to include as many stakeholders as possible in order to adequate respond to issues of cyber security,” Dučić told reporters.