Komšić: Conclusions of the so-called HNS are unacceptable to the citizens of BiH

Komšić: Conclusions of the so-called HNS are unacceptable to the citizens of BiH

SARAJEVO, February 20 (FENA) – Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Željko Komšić said that the Conclusions of the so-called HNS (Croat People’s Assembly), apart from being an expression of another political blackmail under the auspices of the HDZ, are not acceptable to the citizens of BiH for at least two reasons.

“Firstly, the elections will happen, no matter how hard someone tried for it not to happen, to postpone or block it. The reasons for such actions of the HDZ are clear to every citizen of this country. Since the ruling of the BiH Constitutional Court in the Ljubić case, the HDZ has been using the tactics of blocking the state, the entity level, all to the cantonal level of government, in order to push towards installing an apartheid-based election law and contrary to Strasbourg judgments, through the phenomenon of “legitimate political representation”, which was mentioned for the first time in the para-statelet ‘Republika Srpska Krajina’ (RSK) – formed on the territory of today’s Croatia – they are trying to secure everlasting power, and if possible even more than that,” said Komšić.

A boycott of the elections, says Komšić, is a right that the HDZ can use, but blocking or disabling the holding of the elections would be a crime.

“That is why the HDZ, Čović and their team need a shelter to hide behind and that is a non-governmental organization HNS, in order to distribute possible criminal responsibility between them, which in any case cannot give them amnesty from criminal responsibility if they resort to blocking the elections as a political tool,” underlined the BiH Presidency Chairman.

Another important issue, Komšić says, concerns the alleged territorial reorganization of Bosnia and Herzegovina, apparently on the basis of ethnic politics through the form of federalization.

“Such people need to hear a very clear and unambiguous message that there will be no federalization of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on ethnic or any other basis.

Bosnia and Herzegovina already suffers because of poor internal organization, so any reorganization can only be on rational grounds, such as regionalization of the country, but those regions cannot be formed on the basis of ethnicity and they would not have the competencies to exercise legislative, executive and judicial power.

The reorganization of the country through its ethnic federalization in order to achieve war goals in peacetime and in a way to realize what the International Court of Justice in The Hague (ICTY) has established as a joint criminal enterprise will simply never happen,” concluded Komšić.