Komšić: Ivantsov is attacking the laws and decisions of the state of BiH

Komšić: Ivantsov is attacking the laws and decisions of the state of BiH

SARAJEVO, July 5 (FENA) – The BiH Presidency member Željko Komšić said yesterday that a message of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which he expressed disrespect for the decisions of the institutions of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that have been passed in the continuity of at least ten years, and in a full consensus, is a non-diplomatic message and also a bad one.

He stated that such an aggressive approach of the Russian Federation, and an attack on what the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina has defined through its laws and decisions, give the US Senate the right to claim that Russia threatens the sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“In this regard, I believe that we must be especially careful when it comes to the destructive role of Russia in this region because the messages sent by the Russian Ambassador are not harmless at all. What is perhaps good is that today many in BiH understand this, while in the past, they would condemn anyone who would try to draw attention to that,” Komšić underlined.

He added that Ambassador Ivantsov may believe that he could pursue aggressive anti-Western, anti-democratic policies in BiH, as his country is doing in Serbia, as they are doing now in Montenegro, trying to destabilize it, and as they tried to do in North Macedonia, but Komšić reminds him that he is only a diplomat of a foreign country on the territory of independent and sovereign Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“He should not be concerned about the NATO integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina, nor should he be commenting the decisions made by our highest legislative bodies,” said Komšić.