Kordić: I will try not to politicize the problems of Mostar, but to solve them

Kordić: I will try not to politicize the problems of Mostar, but to solve them

MOSTAR, February 15 (FENA) – The newly elected Mayor of Mostar, Mario Kordić (HDZ BiH), told the citizens of Mostar that his mission is to work for their benefit and that he will try not to politicize the City’s problems but to solve them.

“I am extremely proud to have been elected mayor. You can expect that I will strongly strive to achieve everything we communicated in the election campaign and that my mission will be to work for the benefit of the citizens of Mostar,” said Kordić in a statement for the media.

He previously told the councilors that he would invest all his knowledge, skills and energy to make the City of Mostar better.

He commented on the emotional speech of the opponent Zlatko Guzin, who said “that there is always someone who will lose in every derby”.

“I don’t agree with that. This was a derby for Mostar. There are no losers here, the winner here is the City of Mostar. I expect all councilors to start working together as one body, one soul. To help each other and warn of irregularities that could, possibly, appear in the work and in the best will,” the new mayor pointed out.

He added that his priority would be the Uborak landfill in order to find a long-term solution for waste disposal in Mostar.

As for coalition partners and co-operation in the City Council, he said they are open to all coalitions and that everyone is invited to talk about the city’s problems.

Salem Marić (SDA), the newly elected president of the City Council, congratulated the new Mayor, his deputies and all councilors of the Mostar City Council at, as he said, the constructive session.