Košarac and Jaafar discuss meat exports from BiH to Malaysia

Košarac and Jaafar discuss meat exports from BiH to Malaysia

SARAJEVO, September 14 (FENA) – At a meeting held today in Sarajevo between Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Staša Košarac with a delegation of the Malaysian Embassy in BiH, led by Ambassador Zakri Jaafar, the export of beef from BiH to Malaysia was one of the key topics, since veterinary certificates have been harmonized between the two countries.

The two sides expressed readiness to intensify and accelerate activities related to the export of meat to Malaysia, and pointed out that the competent inspectors from Malaysia could arrive in BiH next month if the epidemiological conditions allow it.

Košarac asked the Veterinary Office to send a letter of invitation through the Malaysian Embassy in BiH in which he would invite the competent Malaysian inspectors to visit slaughterhouses and meat processing facilities in BiH in order to enable meat export.

“Opening new markets for domestic products is one of the measures to protect domestic production. Therefore, we are making maximum efforts to define the Malaysian market as a new market for meat producers and processors from BiH, in order to enable them to continue doing business and contribute to the reduction of market surpluses caused by the coronavirus pandemic,” said Košarac.

The meeting was also attended by the director of the Veterinary Office of BiH, Ljubomir Kalaba, stated the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH.