Košarac: BiH CoM appoints expert and legal team on the Trgovska gora issue

Košarac: BiH CoM appoints expert and legal team on the Trgovska gora issue

SARAJEVO, October 29 (FENA) – At today’s session, the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted a Decision on the appointment of an Expert Team to monitor the situation and activities related to the disposal of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel at the site of Trgovska gora.

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, Staša Košarac confirmed this today and added that the decision was adopted unanimously.

He explained that the issue of waste disposal on Trgovska gora has been going on for a long time and it was necessary to talk in a professional way with neighboring Croatia, which is not giving up on the location for the construction of landfill.

“This is a problem for BiH because our priority is to preserve human health, because such a landfill would have unforeseeable consequences for human health, but also for the environment,” added Košarac.

He amphasized that the formation of an expert team was important in order to conduct an analysis of that land from BiH and Croatia at the same level, and in order for BiH to give an adequate response.

After the Council of Ministers has adopted the decision, a meeting of the Coordinating Expert and Legal Body should be convened in the next 15 days in order to initiate activities on resolving this issue.

According to Košarac, they will seek for the consent from the competent institutions in Croatia for BiH experts to enter the territory of that country and to work with an expert team from Croatia as required by the profession.

He called on all those who can contribute to do so in order to reach BiH’s primary goal, which is to abandon the construction of a landfill at the site of Trgovska gora.

He also announced that a meeting with the competent ministries in Croatia should be organized in mid-November, where one of the topics will be Trgovska gora.

“We are not giving up on asking for help in Brussels and from relevant European institutions, because BiH is a signatory to numerous conventions and international agreements when it comes to the environment,” concluded Košarac.

Košarac has previously emphasized that the construction of a hazardous nuclear waste landfill at the site of Trgovska gora is completely unacceptable because it concerns the health of 250,000 people in 13 municipalities in BiH.