Local elections: Coalition ‘Pod lupom’ records 880 election irregularities

Local elections: Coalition ‘Pod lupom’ records 880 election irregularities

SARAJEVO, October 29 (FENA) – The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections “Pod lupom” presented at a press conference the key findings of long-term observations of the Local Elections 2020, which relate to the work of the local election administration, election irregularities and fraud election campaigns in the period from September 7 to October 25, 2020.

Project Manager of the “Pod lupom” Coalition, Dario Jovanović, stated that the observers of the Coalition have recorded a total of 880 election irregularities in the stated period.

“The largest number refers to the premature, legally prohibited election campaign. 242 such cases were reported to 65 municipalities and cities. Then comes the work of civil servants in the election campaign with 117 cases in 41 municipalities and cities and the misuse of public resources in 101 cases in 45 municipalities and cities in BiH,” said Jovanović.

He states that the number of cases of election irregularities is followed by 59 cases of misuse of personal data, 50 cases of trafficking in polling stations, 50 cases of biased media reporting, and 43 cases of pressure on voters and vote buying in 29 municipalities and cities in BiH.

“Observers of the “Pod lupom” Coalition recorded 32 cases of causing ethnic, religious or other intolerance and hate speech, while in seven municipalities there were larger registration or deregistration of voters, which may indicate electoral engineering,” said Jovanović.

Spokesman of the “Pod lupom” Coalition, Hasan Kamenjaković, presented some of the key results of the observations that refer to the work of the election administration and local election commissions.

He alleges that field observers are monitoring 143 local election commissions, which held at least 768 sessions between September 7 and October 25.

He states that the center for the voter list is not available to citizens in Ključ, that local election commissions in Bosansko Grahovo, Laktaši and Stolac did not make a decision on appointing members of polling stations until October 16, that in at least 18 cities and municipalities in BiH local commissions did not publish names of members of polling stations with affiliation to a political entity, and that training for members of polling stations has not yet begun in as many as 88 municipalities and cities, although the deadline is November 8.

The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections has been implementing projects aimed at civic and non-partisan election observation for many years. This year, the Coalition is implementing activities, funded by the European Union and co-financed by the US Government and the OSCE Mission to BiH.