Magazinović: BiH is one step away from escalation because of Dodik

Magazinović: BiH is one step away from escalation because of Dodik

SARAJEVO, October 25 (FENA) – Head of the SDP caucus in the BiH Parliament and a member of the International Parliamentary Alliance against Hate Speech, Saša Magazinović, addressed a conference in Paris today focusing on growing populism and radical right-wing movements using xenophobia, racism and intolerance as a tool of political strengthening.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is on the verge of escalation due to a politician who, among other things, uses hate speech. His name is Milorad Dodik and he is a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is a man who denies the genocide in Srebrenica, attacks the religious identity of citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina, insults journalists and political opponents… He is a man who blocked state institutions because of the High Representative’s decision to ban genocide denial. This is the man who brought the country to the brink of war. Why is this happening? Because he was not stopped in time and, above all, the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina tolerated it and even often chose him as a partner. My message from BiH is that any radicalism should be prevented from happening because if it is not done, the consequences can be tragic,” said Magazinović.

He called on all governments to pay attention to Bosnia and Herzegovina and support harsh sanctions against Milorad Dodik, a man who destabilizes BiH.

“Remember, if a conflict occurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it will spread to the entire Balkans, and it will not only be the responsibility of radicals like Dodik, but also of all of us in Europe who did not prevent it, and could. There is still a chance that this will be done,” Magazinović emphasized in his address.

The conference was organized by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the Swedish Parliament. The conference participants are representatives of Council of Europe member states, EU Equality Commissioner Helena Dalli, UN representatives, ministers, journalists, NGO representatives, the SDP BiH said.