Major General Alexander Platzer takes over duty of EUFOR Commander

Major General Alexander Platzer takes over duty of EUFOR Commander

SARAJEVO, January 14 (FENA) – The new Commander of the EUFOR Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Major General Alexander Platzer, took over the duty from the incumbent commander Major General Reinhard Trischak.

The handover ceremony took place today at the Butmir Base.

Platzer expressed satisfaction with taking the office and said that EUFOR is a strategic tool of the European Union and has a stabilizing impact on the region.

“There is still a lot to do and I look forward to facing the challenges and complex issues that await me in carrying out the mandate given to us by the United Nations Security Council,” Platzer said.

He announced that EUFOR under his command would maintain close ties with security institutions in BiH, and in particular with the BiH Armed Forces, in order to provide a safe and stable environment for all.

“Major General Reinhard Trischak has set high standards in cooperation with domestic and international politicians, and I will do my best to build on the excellent results of my predecessors and continue our efforts to achieve an acceptable final state of affairs within our mandate and facilitate BiH’s path to integration to the European Union,” said Platzer.

Trischak emphasized that despite the challenges and difficulties, the set goals were achieved.

“My goal was to provide support in the implementation of the comprehensive EU strategy for BiH, to ensure a safe and stable environment and to continue to conduct combined and collective training, and exercises with the Armed Forces of BiH,” said Trischak.

He said that the Armed Forces of BiH is one of the institutions that enjoys the highest trust in the country.

Trischak has led EUFOR in BiH since June 2019.