Mašović and Lecointre discuss security challenges for EU and NATO-led missions

Mašović and Lecointre discuss security challenges for EU and NATO-led missions

SARAJEVO, June 10 (FENA) – The Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of BiH, Colonel General Senad Mašović, received today, with the highest military honors, the Chief of the General Staff of the French Armed Forces, General Francois Lecointre.

Accompanying General Lecointre were the Commander of Operation Althea, Colonel-General Brice Houdet, Diplomatic Adviser Emmanuel Mignot, and Brigadier General Laurent Wonderschzer, a non-resident military attaché of the Republic of France in BiH based in Belgrade.

During the meeting, the military officials discussed the current cooperation between the armed forces of the two friendly countries, which was assessed as good and constructive, as well as the possibilities for its improvement and advancement in the future.

As it was jointly stated, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the realization of certain previously planned bilateral military activities, but they sought the most favorable ways for the possible activities to be realized in accordance with the situation.

General Mašović thanked for the support that France, as a member of NATO and the EU, has provided to Bosnia and Herzegovina on its path to Euro-Atlantic integration, and emphasized the significant contribution of the French military contingent engaged in the EUFOR operation Althea in BiH.

He praised EUFOR’s contribution, expressing full support for the continuation of its activities.

The two delegations also discussed security challenges in the area covered by EU and NATO-led missions.

The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of France praised the positive results achieved by the AFBiH in various missions around the world.

In this context, he emphasized the need for the AFBiH to continue its contribution to NATO-led missions in the future, as well as to the EU mission in the Central African Republic and other parts of the world.

General Lecointre pointed out that the French Armed Forces are ready to provide full support to the AF BiH in their further development and missions.

General Francois Lecointre thanked General Mašović for the reception and cooperation so far, and emphasized the importance of the results achieved in the process of defense reform and the progress made in building and strengthening the AFBiH on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s path to NATO and the EU.