Metropolitan Hrizostom points to the problem of departure of people from BiH

Metropolitan Hrizostom points to the problem of departure of people from BiH

SARAJEVO, January 16 (FENA) – Metropolitan of Dabar-Bosna, Hrizostom at a Christmas and New Year’s reception hosted today in Sarajevo expressed concerns about the negative demographic situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the large scale departure of people from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“All these are consequences and result of lack of harmony of man, citizens in this country and exploitation of life in BiH,” said Hrizostom.

He recalled that Christmas is a holiday of peace, love and goodwill, first and foremost between God and man, but also with one another.

“Together, we all need to make our adverse reality change into positivity. Let us do this in the name of the history and dignity of our people, churches and religious communities that deserve it,” noted Hrizostom.

He also regretted that “the return of the confiscated and usurped property of religious communities and churches continues thus violating our basic human and religious rights.”

“We want to believe and hope that the current BiH Presidency and the BiH Parliamentary Assembly in the agenda of its activities will bring up the issue of passing a law on restitution.

This is a law that we prepared over 15 years ago and it has been kept in the shelves. No one can expect blessing and prosperity through injustice, seizure and usurpation of someone else’s property,” concluded Metropolitan Hrizostom.

The Christmas reception was attended by the BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik, High Representative in BiH Valentin Inzko, ambassadors of US, Sweden, Italy and UK, and numerous other guests.