Migrant women are creating a new fashion brand at Ušivak’s fashion corner

Migrant women are creating a new fashion brand at Ušivak’s fashion corner

SARAJEVO, October 17 (FENA) – In the Fashion Corner, in the temporary migrant reception center Ušivak near Sarajevo,  girls and women who are currently staying there, create and make clothing items and fashion accessories, slowly building a new fashion brand.

The wholehearted help in the realization of their creative ideas is provided by the coordinator of the Fashion Corner, fashion designer Aleksandra Lovrić, who told FENA that at the very beginning, three months ago, they started making protective masks, and now they are building a fashion brand “Made in BiH by People on the Move”.

“Under the auspice of the IOM and with the support of the European Union, we launched this small brand, which I believe will grow into a local and regional name. We are currently working on the design of the logo, visualization and branding,” said Lovrić, and announced that they are preparing a fashion show that should be held on December 18.

She says that it is not difficult to encourage creativity in these women who come from different countries and that in a way they raise her level of creativity as well.

She pointed out that together they design everything, and that they “have a great synergy of our tradition and culture and their own” and they try to show that through their products.

“They have incredible skills in making clothes, not only sewing but also knitting, crocheting, everything that our women know as well. They show completely different textures, ornaments and shapes here, which can be phenomenal for our textile industry. It is really not difficult and it is pleasure to do this, and I can’t say it is business, this is really something to enjoy,” Lovrić emphasizes.

Rose from Afghanistan, together with her mother and sisters, enjoys spending time in the Fashion Corner, where she has the opportunity to showcase her creativity and the talent she undoubtedly possesses.

“I arrived in Bosnia on this journey and now I am here with many other, creative people in fashion and design,” she said.

She says she is happy to have the opportunity to show her abilities, talent, and to do what she likes.

“I am happy to be able to do this now and here, together with friends who support me from the IOM and with Aleksandra. She is a great help to me and gives support to all of us,” said Rose.

The camp manager of the temporary reception center Ušivak, Azra Ibrahimović Srebrenica, mentioned that the Fashion Corner in this center was established by the IOM (International Organization for Migration) with the financial support of the European Union.

According to her, this is the result of conversations with the users of this camp and based on what they said, the need to fulfill their free time in some way and “to change the negative image of migrants with their contribution, which, unfortunately, was created in public”.

“The goal of this is to provide them with support, to establish a corner where they can express themselves creatively, to feel useful and in some way to contribute to improving the conditions of their stay here. We should certainly highlight the positive aspect for their mental health, which is extremely important,” stated Ibrahimović Srebrenica.

She noted that the same fashion corner exists in the temporary reception center Blažuj, which was also established by the IOM with the help of the EU.

“We also have our cultural mediators who help them. It certainly means a lot to take them a little bit out of this reality into some more beautiful world, a world where they create and feel useful. It certainly helps, it has a positive effect on their psyche, the mood itself changes and the relations in the family itself are immediately better,” concluded Ibrahimović Srebrenica.