Mostar landfill at Uborak still blocked

Mostar landfill at Uborak still blocked

MOSTAR, December 6 (FENA) – Twenty police officers arrived this morning outside the entrance to the Uborak landfill near Mostar, which is blocked by residents of surrounding neighborhoods and activists of the civic initiative “Jer na se tiče” (Because it concerns us) since Wednesday.

As FENA learns from its reporter in Mostar the situation is calm for now. The landfill is still blocked, so four garbage vehicles returned not being able to do their job.

Locals and activists blocking the disposal of waste have warned about this since the beginning of the year, stressing that the landfill does not have any valid document on which it can operate.

They claim that the landfill at Uborak not only endangers the population of the surrounding settlements, but all the citizens of Mostar, as well as the inhabitants of the Neretva valley all the way to the Adriatic Sea.

Protesters request that the existing landfill is closed and rehabilitated and a new landfill site found.

Chief Adviser of the City of Mostar Radmila Komadina said on Wednesday that finding a location for a new landfill is expensive and time-consuming, all of which cannot be done without a decision of the Mostar City Council, which, as it is known, has not existed since 2012.

She added that in November, representatives of the City of Mostar held a meeting at the FBiH Ministry of the Environment and Tourism, at which it was agreed that, because of the public interest, waste should continue to be disposed at the Uborak site, although the environmental permit had expired.