NATO will help BiH authorities to implement reforms from Defense Review

NATO will help BiH authorities to implement reforms from Defense Review

SARAJEVO, January 24 (FENA) – BiH Reform Program submitted by Bosnia and Herzegovina to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) headquarters last December is considered a good basis for continued NATO-Bosnia and Herzegovina cooperation.

Ines Kuburović, Spokeswoman of NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo, confirmed this for FENA adding that the document, which was sent to Brussels, was discussed at a technical level.

“NATO is looking forward to supporting BiH as the authorities begin to implement the reforms contained in the BiH Reform Program and Defense Review from 2016, and to that end, NATO Headquarters Sarajevo is at the disposal of BiH authorities in continuing to support defense and security sector reform,” Kuburović added.

She emphasized that NATO values the political dialogue with Bosnia and Herzegovina very much, and the allies will be pleased to welcome BiH officials at NATO headquarters to discuss NATO-BiH cooperation as well as regional security.

As early as October 2018, BiH was given the green light to activate the NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP), provided it submits the Annual National Program (ANP) to the headquarters of that military-political alliance.

The document itself caused a number of controversies and political disagreements, primarily because it was strongly opposed by political representatives of the BiH entity Republika Srpska, calling for military neutrality, but also arguing that it would mean BiH’s commitment to NATO membership, which they strongly discarded.

On the other hand, parties based in the Federation of BiH have made the sending of the ANP to Brussels a condition for the formation of government at the state level.

The compromise was reached at the end of November last year, when members of the BiH Presidency, with the intervention of international officials, decided that a day after the appointment of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, a document called the Reform Program would be sent to Brussels.