Nikšić: BiH belongs to everyone equally

Nikšić: BiH belongs to everyone equally

SARAJEVO, December 28 (FENA) – Bosnia and Herzegovina will not give up, nor will it bring any consolation to the villains next year. We will continue to celebrate, to rejoice, but also to remind ourselves of the value of life, the importance of peace and the unquestionable survival of the spirit and being of our country, even in the most difficult moments, said tonight the President of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Nermin Nikšić.

Nikšić emphasized that ideals, homeland and past, are a pledge for the future of children, for which they want to live in peace, a community in which similarities and closeness are respected, and not artificial divisions.

“We will not deviate a millimeter from our principles. Those who hesitate, as a rule, kneel down. We are not one of them, so let no one try to break us anymore,” he said.

He emphasized that they are looking forward to the New Year filled with feelings of uncertainty, doubt, and even fear for the health, future and future of children.

He said that BiH’s defiance, liveliness and willingness to live for Bosnia and Herzegovina are stronger than their desire and passion to destroy and divide the country.

Nikšić claims that Bosnia and Herzegovina, its integrity and sovereignty, was attacked by an undisguised secessionist coup by the ruling majority in the Republika Srpska National Assembly.

“No matter how they behave, Bosnia and Herzegovina will be, and we will be in it,” he said.

He said that Bosnia and Herzegovina belongs to everyone equally, whatever its name is, and that the SDP and its partners will be the voice of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the voice of reason, compromise and mutual support and assistance.