Novalić announces more support for Drvar, Glamoč and Bosansko Grahovo

Novalić announces more support for Drvar, Glamoč and Bosansko Grahovo

DRVAR, January 25 (FENA) – Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Fadil Novalić, visited Drvar today and stated that Drvar, as well as neighboring Glamoč and Bosansko Grahovo, are affected and not economically viable, and that the wider community should provide more support.

After the meeting with the mayors of the three municipalities, Novalić stated that those local communities have almost identical problems with refugees, economy, infrastructure and budget maintenance.

“We considered how to provide more help to these municipalities, although there has been no shortage of help so far, and we concluded that we will have to adopt an asymmetric approach to supporting municipalities in the Federation of BiH in order for those underdeveloped to get more,” said Novalić.

He added that today it was agreed to make a list of priorities in each area and to hold a new meeting in a few months and determine how to respond to those problems.

“If good projects are designed, the support can amount to up to 700,000 KM per municipality,” Novalić specified.

Mayor of Drvar, Dušica Runić, emphasized that those municipalities, which are among the least developed in BiH, should develop cooperation with all levels of government and that she hopes that these levels will find funds in the budget to support them.

Mayor of Glamoč, Nebojša Radivojša, stated that it was agreed to jointly try to help maintain life in those local communities, and to hope for successful cooperation.

As the Mayor of Bosansko Grahovo, Uroš Đuran, said today’s meeting was very useful at which they presented their problems to the Prime Minister, and he presented them with opportunities for support.

Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees of the FBiH, Edin Ramić, was also present today and after the meeting they visited Memorial Complex of ‘the 25th of May’ Museum and the exhibit space of the site of Tito’s cave.