Novalić: We will no longer be imposing restrictive measures such as curfews

Novalić: We will no longer be imposing restrictive measures such as curfews

SARAJEVO, August 5 (FENA) – The measures that were in force from mid-March to the end of May showed good results but were disastrous for the economy, said today the FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalić.

“We no longer want to sacrifice the economy because otherwise, we will have widespread hunger and a very large number of welfare cases. We will no longer introduce restrictive measures such as curfews, but we will improve the existing measures. We will restore restrictive measures and we will follow the steps of the developed countries,” Novalić emphasized.

He believes that the consequences of the coronavirus in BiH, but also in other countries, affected the tourism sector the hardest. In this regard, he announced, the Government of the Federation of BiH will provide assistance to this sector.

“We will not be passing a new corona law, but we will go in segments. In September, we will most likely pass a law that will help the tourism sector with 20, 30 million KM. In the future, we will focus on the transport sector, and so on. We will focus on specific activities,” said Novalić, adding that it is all a form of support, but that investments would be more useful.

Comparing the period when restrictive measures were in force and after it, he stated that from March 16 to May 29, there were 1,082 infected, 39 dead and 956 recovered patients.

In the past two months, we had 7,517 infected, 178 dead and 3,700 recovered. There are still 3,950 active cases of COVID-19.

He stressed that economic consequences have also been visible. In April, revenues were lower by 13.3 percent. A minus of 10.5 percent was recorded in May, and 7.2 percent in June.