PIC Steering Board calls to formation of government on all levels in BiH

PIC Steering Board calls to formation of government on all levels in BiH

SARAJEVO, June 18 (FENA) – After meeting of the Peace Implementation Council Steering Board, High Representative Valentin Inzko and Principle Deputy High Representative Michael Scanlan stated that the Russian Federation could not join the Communiqué, that is, conclusions that were adopted, including the one to form government on all levels in BiH as soon as possible.

“Parties that make majority still have not solved their disagreements and appointed authorities. With the lack of new executive authority on the state and Federation level parliaments on these levels have not started working. There were no signs of flexibility from either side that would indicate that this stagnation can be solved soon,” stated Inzko at the press conference.

He added that time should not be spent on internal political race, but on a low degree of trust in judiciary. He believes that is one of the key reasons why some citizens decided to leave BiH forever.

He also emphasized that the issue of reserve police force should be stopped and that attention should be focused on better coordination and rebuilding of trust.

Principle Deputy High Representative Michael Scanlan added that political directors emphasized that one of the key issues is to implement recommendations of the OSCE Department for Democracy and Human Rights as soon as possible.

“That is the task that could be solved immediately if the parliament formed its committees. Local elections ended 16 months ago so now it is time to act. It is about time to hold local elections in Mostar,” said Scanlan.

He said it is noticeable that the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH has not been in session for the past six months, adding that every person in BiH, who is receiving salary, is expected to work.

“All levels of authority need to strengthen cooperation with all peoples of BiH and avoid nationalist rhetoric that leads to divisions. Citizens of BiH vote by leaving the country, and characteristic of good management is to improve stability in the entire country to prevent that,” concluded Scanlan.