Plenković: We strongly support BiH on its path towards EU and NATO

Plenković: We strongly support BiH on its path towards EU and NATO

MOSTAR, June 5 (FENA) – I have come as the Prime Minister of Croatia and the President of HDZ who continuously and strongly gives support to Bosnia and Herzegovina on its path to the EU and NATO, strongly strengthening our relations and trying to resolve open issues, improve political and economic cooperation and we will continue doing this in the future, said the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia Andrej Plenković today during his visit to Mostar.

“I am especially glad that the Office for the Croat people outside Croatia doubled the funds for the projects in BiH during the mandate of our government, so I think we did our best in the period behind us,” said Plenković after the meeting with the HDZ BiH president Dragan Čović.

He also touched upon the position of Croats in BiH and said that the permanent obligation and constant policy of the Republic of Croatia is to ensure the equality of Croats as the smallest constituent people in BiH and that it is legitimately and adequately represented in all the institutions.

“We shall lead the dialogue on that path, advocate for solutions that will be accepted by all peoples and all political parties. This is primarily a matter for BiH, but we believe that certain difficulties that exist should be resolved in a way that will enable the efficient functioning of Bosnia an Herzegovina. If that is the case, then the reforms and its European path and excellent relations with Croatia as a neighboring country, I am sure, will be very good,” said Plenković.

He said that everyone who understands how BiH functions knows that the issue of equality is key to achieving results, and that this is shown by the numerous negotiations and the years that have passed.

Croatian Prime Minister met in Mostar with the President of the HDZ BiH, Dragan Čović, and attended a solemn session of the Presidency of the HDZ BiH, organized by Čović on the occasion of marking 15 years of his leadership of the party.

Plenković said that he was especially glad that his visit today was in the context of the upcoming 30th anniversary of the founding of the HDZ BiH, and the 15th anniversary since Čović became the party’s leader.

Čović emphasized that the EU and NATO integration paths of BiH, as the only perspective for Croats in BiH and the country itself, would not have taken place in such a dynamic if it were not for the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia and his associates, nor would BiH have submitted the application for EU membership in 2015.

“As a token of gratitude for what the Government of the Republic of Croatia has been doing for BiH, including the Croats in BiH, we want to pay it back in the most concrete manner by going to the elections in BiH for the Croatian Parliament and supporting the candidates’ list of the HDZ,” concluded Čović.