Prince Albert of Monaco awards recognition to the organizers of EYOF 2019

Prince Albert of Monaco awards recognition to the organizers of EYOF 2019

MONACO, December 13 (FENA) – Mayors of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka and Nenad Vuković and the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina received recognition last night in Monaco for “Diplomatic Action of the Year in the World” for their successful organization of the European Youth Olympic Festival – EYOF in February this year, writes FENA’s reporter from Monaco.

The award was presented by Albert II, Prince of Monaco on behalf of the Peace and Sport Foundation.

“This is a high-level recognition for the City of Sarajevo. I am very proud and happy. After we brought back the Olympic Flame, now the world is giving tribute to Sarajevo. I am proud of all the citizens who participated in this project, of all the volunteers and all of us who were gathered around the idea of ​​this project,” said Mayor Skaka after the awards ceremony.

He also noted that EYOF was a historic moment for the entire country.

Mayor Vuković emphasized that last night in Monaco it was affirmed that the two cities and the BiH Olympic Committee made a great story come true.

“I am happy because we have shown to the domestic, regional, European and world public that we have the ability to organize major world events. We have shown the ability to promote peace through sports,” said Vuković.

President of the BiH Olympic Committee Izet Rađo expressed content with the achievements and commended the joint engagement.

“This award should encourage us to continue working together. When we spread trust and respect, even those things that seem impossible are possible for us,” said Rađo.

The award is presented each year under the auspices of Prince Albert of Monaco, to organizations, individuals or institutions that have made significant contributions and change in the application of diplomacy through sports.

The awards ceremony was a pinnacle of a three-day forum organized by the Peace and Sport Foundation, which brought together more than 600 key decision-makers, including heads of state, strategic leaders from the business and sports world, Nobel Peace Prize winners, civil society and international representatives and young talents.

The Peace and Sport Foundation is an international and independent foundation based in Monaco founded by the pentathlon Olympic medalist and former World Champion Joël Bouzou in 2007, who heads the World Association of Olympic athletes, which brings together more than 147,000 former and current Olympic athletes. The Foundation’s vice president is footballer Didier Drogba, and Wilson Kipketer is a board member.