Protocol on flood risk early warning system introduced for Vrbas, Una and Sana rivers

Protocol on flood risk early warning system introduced for Vrbas, Una and Sana rivers

SARAJEVO, February 11 (FENA) – A protocol for the flood risk reduction early warning system for the Vrbas, Una and Sana river basins was signed today and that document defines the role of local institutions in the process of early warning against upcoming floods so that information can reach vulnerable areas in time for preparation and quick response.

The UNDP Resident Representative in BiH Steliana Nedera told reporters that this would enable information to reach endangered areas in time for municipalities to prepare and respond quickly.

As she pointed out, the early flood warning system developed under the UNDP project will contribute to the reduction of flood risk, better preparation and timely response to floods for more than 200,000 inhabitants of the Vrbas Basin.

The Global Environment Facility Fund allocated 400,000 KM for the development of the system, and the entity’s water management agencies provided 200,000 KM.

Director of the Sava River Water Agency, Sejad Delić, said that the agency has developed a pilot project on early warning and defenses system for the Una and Sana rivers. He is pleased that, he says, the early warning system has now been developed for the Vrbas River.

He says that a system of information sharing will certainly help reduce flood risk and the detrimental impact of torrential waters.

According to the flood defense system, the Agency first informs the BiH Ministry of Security, the FBiH Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry, and the FBiH, cantonal and municipal civil protection services.

Director of the FBiH Meteorological Institute, Almir Bijedić, says that the protocol should be the basis for a similar document for other rivers and basins in BiH.

The early warning flood defense system in the Vrbas River Basin is one of the tools of flood risk management aimed at timely response in case of floods.

The tool was developed as part of the UNDP Vrbas project, in collaboration with water management institutions, with the support of the BiH Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations and the RS Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Ecology as a contact institution in BiH under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.