Public transportation suspended, shops to be closed in FBiH with some exceptions

Public transportation suspended, shops to be closed in FBiH with some exceptions

SARAJEVO, March 19 (FENA) – The FBiH Civil Protection Service Crisis Staf at a session in Sarajevo today issued an order suspending regular, non-scheduled and rail public transportation in the Federation of BiH, with the exception of registered taxi carriers, subject to hygiene and epidemiological measures.

These measures include protective equipment for the drivers, which includes a mask, gloves, and goggles, and mandatory disinfection of the vehicle after each service is performed.

Director of the FBiH Civil Protection Administration Fahrudin Solak told at a news conference after the session that the crisis staff also ordered the closure of shops in the Federation of BiH, with certain exceptions.

“The order does not apply to shops that sell groceries and hygiene items, fish markets, pharmacies, agricultural pharmacies and veterinary and medical supplies stores, gas stations, kiosks, bakeries, dry cleaners, orthopedic stores and other supplies stores, children’s equipment stores, animal feed stores, shops for construction material, water and electrical materials, logistics and distribution centers for food, beverages and hygiene products, and wholesale stores,” Solak explained.

He added that the work of open-air markets and market areas around retail outlets, except for the open markets selling agricultural and food products, is being suspended, ensuring the movement of customers in such a way as to enable the necessary social distance of1.5 meters and respecting all other hygiene-epidemiological measures.

Solak stated that the crisis staff also issued an order for placing persons under medical supervision and isolation during the duration of detention and imprisonment, and ordered the establishment of triage checkpoints with sanitary questionnaires at the entrances to health and social institutions.

It was pointed out at the press conference that there are currently 16 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the Federation of BiH, of which five are in Mostar, four in Konjic, three in Zenica, and one each in Tešanj and Orašje.