Puljić: Be close to your children and do not push them away

Puljić: Be close to your children and do not push them away

SARAJEVO, December 25 (FENA) – Celebrating Christmas, we need to know ourselves, and at this time of joy we do not need to find God, but ourselves, said Archbishop of Vrhbosna, Cardinal Vinko Puljić, leading the Christmas mass at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Sarajevo.

Addressing the faithful gathered at the cathedral, as well as all those who had the opportunity to hear the message, Cardinal Puljić said that Christmas brings joy because man through sin has brought on himself disarray and lost basic contact with God.

He emphasized that God is near, but that people are not close to themselves and that today’s man is lost and needs to be restored to his dignity.

The cardinal also referred to the fact that parents often teach children to be ‘slaves’.

“We let children on the internet so they do not bother us and then wonder what we did wrong,” he said.

He extended a special Christmas to the children, as there are less and less of them, and to their parents so that their childhood is not stolen.

“Be close to the children and do not push them away,” Cardinal Puljic emphasized and wished the youth to find the meaning of life by finding Jesus.

To those who have lost strength, he wished that Christmas brings them comfort and faith, and to all families to be a school of faith.