Radončić: Coordinating body completes strategically important work

Radončić: Coordinating body completes strategically important work

SARAJEVO, March 31 (FENA) – BiH Minister of Security, Fahrudin Radončić, said at a press conference in Sarajevo that the Coordinating Body for Protection and Rescue completed a strategic phase, immediately listing all the necessary needs of the two entities and the Brčko District and organized an informative – donor conference on March 23.

He recalled that more than 20 ambassadors and as many international institutions involved in humanitarian work and assistance participated the conference.

“After that, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Zoran Tegeltija, received a letter from the European Commissioner for Enlargement informing us that we received 80 million and 500 thousand KM as first aid of the European Union. I think we have provided another twenty at that conference, so the Coordinating Body did a good job,” said Radončić.

He believes that now is the moment when that body should be left to managers, accountants and humanitarians to do their work.

“I think that now the Coordinating Body has all the experience and coordinates of how to distribute this assistance, and I, as Minister of Security and President of a party, do not want to have contact with humanitarian work, because experts in the field know it much better than I do. I do not want to have direct contact with donations,” said Radončić.

He noted that he, as Minister of Security, would absolutely continue to do his job, coordination, work, assistance and all that the Ministry of Security would require to the fullest extent possible.

In this way, he says, he thinks that everyone needs to do something adding that there are enough people now to deal with the Coordinating Body the way it used to be, and earlier it was always that the Deputy Minister of Security was the President of this Coordinating Body.

Responding to a journalist’s question whether persons who violate the measures of the competent institutions would be prosecuted, Minister Radončić replied that they should be prosecuted.