Ramić visits the returnees in Sokolac municipality, meets with Mayor Bjelica

Ramić visits the returnees in Sokolac municipality, meets with Mayor Bjelica

SOKOLAC, March 12 (FENA) – The FBiH Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees Edin Ramić visited the returnees in the municipality of Sokolac, in the village of Knežina, where the first phase of construction of the Islamic Community building, i.e. reconstruction of the existing one, has been completed.

Ramić announced the realization of the second phase of the construction of this facility for the needs of the Majlis of the Islamic Community for this year.

The delegation which he led met in Sokolac with Mayor Milovan Bjelica, with whom they discussed the implementation of certain projects important for returnees agreed last year, as well as in 2021.

“Last year and in the years before, we worked very successfully on certain infrastructure projects with the Municipality of Sokolac, in cooperation with Mayor Bjelica, so this year we discussed the continuation of cooperation on projects that are in the interest of all citizens in the municipality of Sokolac,” Ramić told reporters after the meeting.

For this year, he announced the realization of several agreed projects, and as the most important, the road communication towards Olovo.

Mayor Bjelica emphasized the successful cooperation so far with Minister Ramić, whose every visit, as he stated, brought benefits to the municipality, and certainly to the part of the population that, according to him, will see the results of today’s meeting.

“Today, we specifically agreed to make an estimate of the works, where we received part of the funds from the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to connect the road from Olovo to Sokolac. Next week, we will announce a public call, part of the money will be provided by the Municipality. We will be missing a significant part of the funds, but we have a firm promise from Minister Ramić that he will help in this project,” said Bjelica and indicated that he also counts on the help of the Municipality of Olovo and a number of municipalities from the Sarajevo Canton in the realization of this project.

“I believe that this road will be completed as soon as possible,” said the host of today’s meeting, noting that the municipality of Olovo has already completed a good part of this road communication. The mayor adds that a lot of people from the area of ​​the municipality of Sokolac go to Olovo due to different needs and reasons, as well as that a certain number of children attend school there.

When it comes to the building of the Islamic Community in Knežina, Bjelica announced that this will be the headquarters of the humanitarian organization “Merhamet”, which will be at the service of all citizens as well as the Red Cross.

“I’m glad that things like these are happening. Most importantly, all the facilities of the Islamic Community in Sokolac have been renovated; in those cases where property-legal relations have not been resolved, we managed to resolve that as well. We have good cooperation with the representative of the Islamic Community, with the previous mufti and the current one whose seat is in Rogatica,” said Bjelica.