Rozman on heart intelligence in business and innovation at Sarajevo Unlimited

Rozman on heart intelligence in business and innovation at Sarajevo Unlimited

SARAJEVO, October 28 (FENA) – Doctor of Psychology with more than 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur, business executive, educator and author of numerous books Deborah Rozman will be one of the speakers at this year’s Sarajevo Unlimited Forum organized by the Networks INT Center in Sarajevo on November 5 and 6.

Sarajevo Unlimited is the first regional forum of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, created as a result of the activities of the first year of operation of the entrepreneurial, innovation and educational center Networks in Sarajevo.

Deborah Rozman is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council as part of the Transformative Technology Lab.

As a speaker who has participated in numerous conferences around the world, she often spoke about how the coherence of the heart plays a role in personal growth of personality, which is manifested in the awareness and development of intuition in the business world.

She has participated in numerous documentaries on the subject and has hosted numerous webinars with Dr. Daniel Amen, author of “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.”

Rozman, who is president and founder of the Heart Institute in California (HeartMath) will speak on the topic of “Heart Intelligence in Business and Innovation” at Sarajevo Unlimited Forum.

In an interview with FENA, she explains that creating resilience can be a powerful reservoir of energy that can be made within oneself to more easily manage the rapid changes and stress of today’s life.

The tools offered by HeartMath are based on revolutionary research on heart and brain synchronization and achieving coherence to increase emotional self-regulation and mental and intuitive clarity.

HeartMath techniques and heart coherence technology provide access to the strength and intuitive guidance of the heart and more effective decisions from moment to moment that improve life at home and at work.

Rozman emphasizes that this is very important in a rapidly evolving world when more and more people are experiencing stressful situations. She also stressed that fortunately new research on heart strength and intelligence allows the development of tools to help relieve stress and prevent burnout.

Furthermore, Rozman explains that the intelligence of heart is actually the flow of awareness, understanding, and intuitive guidance that we experience when the mind and feelings are brought into coherent harmony with heart.

“This intelligence enhances the power of love and introduces more awareness into mutual interactions in practical and accessible ways that allow us to be more creative and innovative, but also to solve problems more successfully,” says Rozman.

When asked what HeartMath actually is, Rozman says that it is a term that reflects the physiological and psychological process of harmonizing the mind, heart and life, which is more focused on the heart. In this way, the heart is no longer viewed merely as a philosophical or poetic expression but returns to the equation for success and fulfillment in life which is important for the future of human intelligence and the world.

“When alignment occurs, there is consistency between all parts of the personality and it is more likely that the desired results will be achieved. When the relations in the team are inconsistent, and the social organization is incoherent, not only is optimal action not possible, but the consequences of dysfunction and instability are probable,” says Rozman.

At HeartMath, they studied personal and social coherence in detail, as well as how heart rate coherence facilitates the mechanics of personal and social coherence at the physiological level.

As Deborah Rozman, PhD, entrepreneur, educator and author, concludes in an interview with FENA, HeartMath has developed the tools and technology to achieve that alignment used by organizations around the world with excellent results.

In the previous years, the “Sarajevo Unlimited” forum gathered 10,156 participants, presented 220 startups which promoted brilliant ideas to investors and audiences in the region and the world, 252 speakers who shared inspiring experiences in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Forum also hosted 14 keynote speakers from Google, Deutsche Telecom, BBC, Alibaba, Viber and Huawei, and was attended by 480 foreign delegations, government officials, universities, corporations, banks, insurance companies, technology parks and creative hubs.

This year’s “Sarajevo Unlimited” forum is supported by: BH Telecom, MIBO Communications, NLB Bank, Science Park from Graz, ESP BH doo, Foreign Investment Council (FIC), German Development Agency-GIZ and many others.