RS National Assembly supports Dodik’s ‘protection of vital entity interest’

RS National Assembly supports Dodik’s ‘protection of vital entity interest’

BANJA LUKA, July 29 (FENA) – Deputies of the National Assembly of the Republika Srpska (RSNA) today confirmed the position of a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik that the recent decisions of the Presidency of BiH “are very harmful to the vital interest of the BiH entity of RS.”

These are three decisions adopted by the BiH Presidency on July 22, without consensus, which is why Dodik requested a special session of the RS National Assembly to confirm his position by a two-thirds majority, in which case the BiH Presidency decisions and conclusions do not take effect.

These are the decisions on approving the conclusion of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the BiH Ministry of Security and the US Department of Homeland Security regarding the use of travel information, the Agreement on BiH’s participation in the International Student Assessment Program (PISA) for 2021 and the Decision on BiH’s accession to the IEA’s Progress in International Reading Literacy Study PIRLS 2021.

Upon the vote by the 62 MPs, the RSNA adopted the conclusions of the ruling majority in the entity parliament.

“The Treaty of Accession of BiH into the International Reading Literacy Study PIRLS for 2021 does not reflect the constitutional structure of BiH, nor the constitutional and legal competencies of the RS, neither in terms of the way the test results are presented, nor in terms of participation of representatives of that BiH entity in the committee and coordination bodies,” it is stated in the assembly’s conclusion.

The parliamentarians instructed the RS Government to take the necessary activities for the RS to independently participate in the PIRLS International Reading Literacy Study for 2021.

“In order for the RS to participate in the PISA in 2024, it is necessary to take action in order for the RS to participate in this program independently from BiH,” the RSNA concluded.