Rudić: Copyrights of media professionals in BiH are not protected as they should be

Rudić: Copyrights of media professionals in BiH are not protected as they should be

SARAJEVO, September 15 (FENA) – The copyrights of journalists are not protected in the manner provided by the legal framework of Bosnia and Herzegovina and international standards, primarily the Council of Europe and the European Union, said today in Sarajevo the Secretary-General of the BH Journalists Association Borka Rudić at the conference titled “The Copyright of media professionals in BiH”.

She pointed out that copyright is protected by the EU directive, which was published two years ago, and which says that the age of the Internet is the age in which copyright must be protected in a different and more efficient way to ensure that journalists and their copyrights are not infringed upon.

As one of the conclusions of that conference, Rudić said that there is a need to improve the law provisions, which means that journalists and the media must be incorporated into the existing two laws on the protection of copyright and related rights in BiH.

“In these laws, the authors are mentioned in principle, but journalists and the media can also be placed under that term,” Rudić pointed out.

She also stressed the need to strengthen the capacity of media organizations and associations in copyright protection and stressed that these should be professional organizations that will protect the rights of journalists.

Haris Hasić, a professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Travnik, pointed out that BiH adopted the Law on Copyright and Related Rights in 2010, and that it was harmonized with all important international conventions, as well as European Union directives existing until then.

He believes that the problem is the application of that law and mechanisms, which is why the biggest burden is on journalists because the system expects that they are the ones who will fight for the protection of those rights.

“Journalists should seek protection when someone infringes their copyright by filing a lawsuit. Until journalists start to take their rights seriously, we will not have a better situation,” said Professor Hasić.

He also said that the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, which is responsible for prosecuting criminal acts under the Criminal Code of BiH, does not take copyright infringement seriously. He added that market inspectors are not performing their duty in the capacity they should.