Salkić: Discrimination of Bosniak children in RS on European Day of Languages

Salkić: Discrimination of Bosniak children in RS on European Day of Languages

SARAJEVO, September 25 (FENA) – Bosniak children, but also Bosniaks in general in the BiH entity of Republika Srpska, are marking September 26, the European Day of Languages in the light of general discrimination and denial of the Bosnian mother tongue, RS Vice President Ramiz Salkić said in an interview with FENA today.

“Discrimination is most visible in the educational process in this entity, where children, contrary to their commitment, are imposed the name of a language that is offensive to our feelings,” said Salkić.

He stressed that “discrimination regarding the ban on the name and use of the Bosnian language is unconstitutional and illegal, but it is carried out without sanctions despite court rulings that it must stop.”

“Except in schools, citizens are discriminated against every day, because the Serbian language and the Cyrillic alphabet are mostly used in public, which imposes forced language assimilation on Bosniaks,” said Salkić.

He pointed out that “this situation greatly affects the general environment, the feeling of belonging to this area and the stay of Bosniaks in this area.”

“I am convinced that all this is happening in order to continue the realization of the war goals of a clean Serbian, Orthodox space by peacetime methods. It is disastrous and unfortunate that those who can change this situation do nothing to stop discrimination,” said Salkić in an interview with FENA.

European Day of Languages is traditionally celebrated on September 26 in 47 member states of the Council of Europe, where through a series of activities attention is drawn to the importance of knowledge of foreign languages and rich linguistic and cultural diversity in Europe.